Clear Ray Bulbs

Ultraviolet Sanitation is a safe, effective means for water purification. It is used by bottling and beverage industries, food processors, municipal water plants, hospitals, and commercial fisheries.

Jacuzzi®'s CLEARRAY® system is very simple. There are only two parts of any interest: The ultraviolet light bulb, and the quartz tube.

The UV bulb included in the system actually does not create light with a high enough frequency to kill bacteria. That is why it includes the quartz tube; it exists to excite the light particles that go through it, which shrinks it down small enough to alter biological cells.

Ultraviolet sanitizers don't kill bacteria through oxidation like chemical sanitizers do. Instead they work by mechanically destroying biological cells. The light 'vibrates' on such a small area that it actually damages DNA. So by running a beam of high-frequency UV light through a bacteria cell, it actually damages the cell's DNA, which not only kills the cell, but prevents it from reproducing.

As a result, though your spa may only have a small consumer UV unit, it is capable of reducing your reliance on chemical sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine by up to 50%. It has actually exceeded this number in actual laboratory tests.

UV sanitation fares much better than other internal spa sanitation systems. Ozone generators, Saltwater systems, and Ionizers all work by altering the chemistry of your water, and all create chemicals and byproducts. But the CLEARRAY® system does not do a thing to your water; it only kills bacteria.

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